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We provide an essential toolkit for growing your property investment portfolio. Build your portfolio of investments quickly, effectively and with complete efficiency.

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We understand your time is precious, work with our dedicated management team to ensure maximum returns and optimisation across your entire portfolio.

We help first time investors invest in international property and experienced investors grow their portfolio.


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We offer a complete service. We understand the pressures of purchasing property abroad and we also have exemplary knowledge of local law, visa process, taxation and almost all other external factors that could potentially effect your investment.


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We hold a specialist portfolio of international property spanning super-prime areas of Europe, U.K & UAE. With an entire portfolio worth of over £829M, we can accommodate or source exclusive listing across 3+ continents. We not only have a thorough understanding of the international marketplace, we also have access to many properties that are off market and an awareness of properties that are about to be listed. 


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we offer a professional, fully compliant, insured and bespoke service for new and experienced property investors alike.

We help a truly international array of clients invest in high-quality property wisely and correctly.

Whether you’re an investor looking to make a new acquisition or you wish to maximise your existing property investments through a sale, our extensive knowledge and experience can help.


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Whether you are searching for a primary residence, an occasional pied à terre or an investment property, we offer unparalleled local expertise and discretion for a truly international array of clients.


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Situated in London, U.K we provide global investors & homeowners alike the confidence to enter foreign property markets and make informed, profitable and suitable buying decisions

Secure your future with investments you can rely upon.

The Edison Fraser Investment service offers an unparalleled selection of super-prime property located in our international hotspots. Our property investment service offers new build completed developments, tenanted properties and off-plan developments otherwise inaccessible to the wider market.  

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We only work with accredited developers that adhere to strict industry regulatory practises. When considering to list a property we work on both a global and local scale employing a rigorous checking process.

For investment purposes our investment strategists work on various frameworks to access viability of our investment offerings, some of the factors we consider are listed below. 

Regeneration – is there a regeneration programme underway or planned that will likely add value?

Population Growth – is the local population expected to grow, with large businesses relocating to the area?

Location – is the location accessible for the target market?

Design – does the design and layout of the property meet the demand from the target market?

Student Market – is there a strong student market, as this is linked to improved rental returns? Rental Forecast – what is the expected rental income from the property?

Property Management – is there a reputable facilities management company instructed to manage the building on a day-to-day basis?

Developer Track Record – does the developer have relevant experience? Exit Strategy – is there a defined exit strategy for the property?

Title of the Land – does the developer own the land?

Planning Permission – is there permission to build what they are selling? Legal Structure – is the legal structure robust to protect rental assurances and deposits?

We always recommend booking in on our discovery calls to introduce yourself and meet our team for a quick introduction to discuss your individual requirements. 

Edison Fraser primarily focuses on investment for income; therefore, we target our search in regions and cities that have a high level of rental demand and attractive purchase prices, which in turn produce excellent yields. We also target locations where the forecast for capital growth in the medium to long term is good. We label these location as investment hotspots. 

Each property is different depending on local customs; however, most follow a similar process:

Consultation – initial consultation with an investment strategist

Review Options – review the options put forward following your consultation

Q&A – ask any questions you may have to complete your due diligence

Unit Selection – once you have identified the development, select and hold a unit

Reservation – complete a reservation agreement, deposit the reservation fee, send proof of identification and address to complete the anti-money laundering process

Instruct Solicitors – formally instruct your solicitor

Anti-Money Laundering Process – send certified proof of address and identification, along with bank statements showing the funds

Contracts – your solicitor will send you the contracts, their report on the contact and the relevant searches

Return Signed Contracts – return the signed contracts

Deposit Funds – deposit the funds for exchange of contracts

Exchange of Contract – your solicitor will exchange contracts with the developer’s solicitor for the purchase, securing you the property and setting a timescale for completion

Legal Completion – your solicitor will request the funds for completion, which may be cash, or, mortgage, or, a mixture of both, once they have received the notice to complete, and also request your authority to complete

Hand Over – the developer typically sends out a welcome pack providing the key contact details, dates for rental payments, etc.

Edison Fraser can typically offer a selection of solicitors for each property development, who are contract ready and familiar with the development, which can expedite your purchase, however, you are not obligated in any way to use them.

We have built up an international network of mortgage brokers and tax advisors, who can assist buy-to-let property investors from the UK and overseas and we can provide you with a referral upon your request

With each development we sell, Edison Fraser ensure that there is a facilities management company in place to manage the building and a lettings management company in place, who are familiar with the development and have a proven track record.

If you are buying your property with a rental assurance, the developer will typically manage your property for the duration of the rental assurance. After the rental assurance, you can either continue with the existing lettings management company, or, appoint your own.

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