Thinking about buying property in Spain? Here’s our checklist.

Thinking of buying property in Spain? Check our quick pre-buy checklist. Spain poses some of the fewest obstacles for foreign buyers looking to purchase a home, here’s our quick checklist of requirments:


Find your ideal property

Found your perfect property and want a second opinion on it? Or perhaps you don’t know where to start, Book in for a discovery call or view our listings.


Arrange a viewing trip

After you have found your perfect property, arrange either a physical or virtual viewing trip. We also offer a complimentary viewing trip service.


Verify that your property is free of fees

Request a simple note about the property from the Land Registry (Registro de la Propiedad). this usually takes around 2 weeks, if buying directly through us, we will do this on your behalf.


Verify that the property is not included in the urban plan

Check with the Office of Urban Planning (Oficina de Información Urbanística), By default when buying with Edison Fraser your property will be checked for you prior to the sale.


Check that ordinary charges are up to date

Ensure there are no outstanding bills against the property. Water, electricity, and community should all be paid for.


Sign pre-sale contract (reservation form)

Usually, an advance is given to reserve the property during the administrative process (about 10% of the final price).


Get an NIE

Fill in the form EX-15 downloadable from the embassy site. Address the Spanish embassy in your country and apply for NIE with a reason to buy a property in the destination country and attach the EX-15 form. Don’t forget to have your passport.

This takes usually about 4 weeks. You can also request an appointment with the police in Spain and make it immediately.


Sign the act of purchase-sale at the notary

If applicable, include the amount of the advance. The total amount of the purchase is paid and the delivery of keys is done at that time.


Get the public deed for the property at the notary

A public deed is created and ratified by a notary and includes details about encumbrances, payments, last property tax receipt and distribution of expenses between parties.

A public deed is used to register the property.


Register property in Property Registry

It is important to register the property to protect your full ownership. In most cases, it’s done by a notary when all the checks are done and papers signed.

We can guide you through the entire process.

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